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Julie Brumfiel


Julie Brumfiel

Senior Pointe Fitter

Julie currently dances professionally with Noumenon Dance Ensemble and the Haymarket Opera Company Ballet. She is also a freelance dancer and guest teacher across the Midwest. Julie received her early classical ballet training at the Washington Academy of Performing Arts in Seattle, WA, as well as at the San Francisco Ballet School. She went on to study under Violette Verdy at Indiana University’s School of Music and graduated with highest distinction with a B.S.O.F. in Ballet Performance and Biology. She has also danced with professional ballet companies including Louisville Ballet and Los Angeles Dance Theater. Julie has been working at Allegro Dance Boutique since May 2016 and really enjoys using her knowledge and own experiences of dancing en pointe to help other dancers find their best fitting shoe and troubleshoot anything that comes along.

Favorite dancewear manufacturer?


Must have item for dance classes?

Footsie Roller

What’s in your dance bag?

Lacrosse ball, Footsie Roller, flat shoes, 2 pairs of pointe shoes (at least), toe pads/toe tape, bag containing nail clippers/scissors/needle and thread/thimble, extra pair of tights, brush, and extra hairpins

Favorite style of dance?


Recommendation for product?

Try out ToeSavers mini pointe shoes pads inside the tips of pointe shoes to help alleviate discomfort on big toes. I can’t live without mine and the best thing is they last for such a long time!

Do you have any performance/backstage rituals/superstitions?

I like to have a moment of peace and quiet before I perform so I can have a chance to mark through and visualize how all the choreography will look and feel. This really helps to prepare me and calm my nerves! I also have a ritual of keeping any little bits of costumes/headpieces/etc. that have fallen off and would otherwise be thrown away. (Think beads, sequins, lace, petals, fake snow.) I keep them in my performance makeup bag and I think they bring me good luck. I’ve got things in there from over 20 years ago!!

Favorite Dancer/Choreographer of all time?

Julie Kent among many others; and I love so many of Balanchine’s works

Interest outside of dance?

Does eating delicious food count? Also my 5 year old daughter keeps me busy and entertained!

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