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Ballet Papier Meet Me at the Barre! Cropped T-Shirt
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Meet Me at the Barre! Cropped T-Shirt

Here to say I'm ready to slay at ballet ALL DAY.


Ballet Student Dance Equations A4 Notebook

(Relevé + Passé) x Force ÷ Spotting = Pirouette.


Kitri Love Spiral Notebook

A note-taking experience that will make you say "Olé!"


Ballet Student "Ballet Girl" A4 Notebook

Who run the world? Ballet girls!


Ballet Étoiles Ambar A5 Spiral Notebook

For all you red-heads out there.


Ballet Student Dance Equations A5 Spiral Notebook

"Dancers... like nothing better than to be challenged." --Karen Kain


Giselle Forever Spiral Notebook

Don't take a "Willi"-nilly approach to dance--get organized!


Ballerina & Unicorn in Archway Spiral Notebook

A ballerina & a unicorn walk into a dance studio...


Lilac Fairy Spiral Notebook

Don't let anyone (cara)boss(e) you around.


Pink & Gold Ballerina in Archway Spiral Notebook

It's easy to reach for your dreams if you're up on your tippy toes.

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