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Ballet Papier Meet Me at the Barre! Cropped T-Shirt
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Meet Me at the Barre! Cropped T-Shirt

Here to say I'm ready to slay at ballet ALL DAY.


Noëlle Wrap Skirt

Dance like mist on the Lac des Cygnes.


Gaynor Minden Tutu Bag

"Tutu" many tutus? No such thing!


En Pointe Water Bottle

Is your hydration game en pointe?


Ballet Student Dance Equations A4 Notebook

(Relevé + Passé) x Force ÷ Spotting = Pirouette.


Kitri Love Spiral Notebook

A note-taking experience that will make you say "Olé!"


Ballet Student "Ballet Girl" A4 Notebook

Who run the world? Ballet girls!


Ballet Étoiles Esmeralda A5 Spiral Notebook

Fun Fact: "La Esmeralda" is essentially the ballet version of "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame."


Ballet Student Dance Equations A5 Spiral Notebook

"Dancers... like nothing better than to be challenged." --Karen Kain


Ballet Student "Live Life en Dehors" A5 Spiral Notebook

"Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself." --Charlie Chaplin


Ballerina & Unicorn in Archway Spiral Notebook

A ballerina & a unicorn walk into a dance studio...


Lilac Fairy Spiral Notebook

Don't let anyone (cara)boss(e) you around.


Pink & Gold Ballerina in Archway Spiral Notebook

It's easy to reach for your dreams if you're up on your tippy toes.

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