Ballet V - Allegro Dance Boutique

Ballet V

Ballet V

Students registered for Ballet V will need the following. 

  • Girls
    • Black leotard
    • Pink tights
    • Pink canvas ballet shoes
    • Pink Pointe Shoes
      • Pointe shoes should be fit in store first. If you know what you wear, please see our pointe shoe page
  • Boys
    • Black Footed Tights
    • White fitted shirt
    • White socks
    • White ballet shoes
Min: $0 Max: $45

Adult Hanami Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe

Available in several colors, including pink & inclusive skin tones!


Full Seat Dance Belt

Comfortable support for boys & men.

Motionwear Pinch Front Camisole Leotard
Sold out

Pinch Front Camisole Leotard

More colors available.


Men's Convertible Dance Tights

More colors available.


Pro 1 Canvas Ballet Shoe

More colors available.


Quilted Cotton Thong Dance Belt

Designed for back-to-back classes & rehearsals.

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