Ballet IV - Allegro Dance Boutique

Ballet IV

Ballet IV

Students registered for Ballet IV will need the following. 

  • Girls
    • Black leotard
    • Pink tights
    • Pink canvas ballet shoes
    • Pink Pointe Shoes
      • Pointe shoes should be fit in store first. If you know what you wear, please see our pointe shoe page
  • Boys
    • Black Tights
    • White fitted shirt
    • White socks
    • White ballet shoes
Min: $0 Max: $45

Adult Hanami Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe

Available in several colors, including pink & inclusive skin tones!


Full Seat Dance Belt

Comfortable support for boys & men.


Bliss Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe

Youth and Adult Sizes. More colors available.


Men's Convertible Dance Tights

More colors available.

Motionwear Pinch Front Camisole Leotard
Sold out

Pinch Front Camisole Leotard

More colors available.


Pro 1 Canvas Ballet Shoe

More colors available.


Kids Hanami Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe

Available in inclusive skin tones!


Quilted Cotton Thong Dance Belt

Designed for back-to-back classes & rehearsals.

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