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Superior Stretch

Superior Stretch

Why Allegro loves Superior Stretch Products

In a world where there is more and more pressure and competitiveness surrounding how flexible a dancer can be, it is crucial to increase flexibility in a safe and controlled way. As with any dance tool, we recommend speaking with your dance instructor about how to properly use these devices in the safest way. Used safely, this tool will actually help you increase your flexibility!

About Superior Stretch Products

Superior Stretch Products was founded in 2011 in the waiting area of the a daughter’s dance studio, when inspiration hit to develop a line of quality stretching products that improved flexibility, strength and range of motion, that were effective and affordable. The line was developed with the help of professional dancers, master instructors, doctors of sports and dance medicine, professional coaches and trainers involved in competitive gymnastics, swimming and diving, and cheer programs. In just a few short years Superior Stretch Products became a leading source for the all things Stretch and Fitness related for Dancers, Gymnasts and others wanting to improve their flexibility, strength and range of motion. Today Superior Stretch Products can be found in leading retail stores across the United States, Canada, Central and South America and Europe.


Min: $0 Max: $55

SuperiorArch® Foot Stretcher

A superior way to stretch your feet.


SuperiorBand® Green

It won't get easier. You'll get better.



Anything is possible with a great arabesque.


SuperiorBand® Ultra

Believe you can and you're halfway there.


Superior Stretch Foam Roller

When in doubt, massage it out.


Superior Stretch Muscle Roller Stick

Tired? Sore? Time for a massage!

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