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Why Allegro loves Suffolk

There are many, many reasons to love this brand, but ours is a little predictable: their pointe shoes. At Allegro, we feel that Suffolk really takes the current dancers’ needs in mind. They have very versatile designs that are so incredibly flattering on the contemporary foot! 

About Suffolk 

Our passion is fueling your passion. We’re inspired by the endless hours of hard work and dedication you put into dance. And we’re moved by the sheer moments of joy you create. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality shoes anywhere. Suffolk is a family business run by founders Mark and Keri Suffolk. A former dancer with a background in fashion design and purchasing for upscale retail, Keri leads the company in sales, product development and U.S. distribution. Mark, a former engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in pointe shoe manufacturing, personally designs each shoe in the Suffolk collection and oversees production to ensure his high standards. We believe in fair-trade practices, handcrafted workmanship, the best materials and personal service. But most of all, we believe in dancers like you.

Min: $0 Max: $150

Spotlight Pointe Shoe

Available online or in either Allegro location.

$108.00 $97.20
Suffolk Solo Prequel Pointe Shoe
Sold out

Solo Prequel Pointe Shoe

Available in-store at Allegro Evanston.

$108.00 $97.20

Solo Pointe Shoe

Available in-store at Allegro Evanston.

$104.00 $93.60

Balance Board

Ronde de jambé en l'air, like you just don't care.

$32.00 $28.80

Foam Roller

More colors available.

$33.00 $29.70

Eye Stencils

$19.99 $17.99
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