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Why Allegro loves Mikelart

We all know the struggle to find dance gifts that actually feature correct ballet positioning. That's why we were thrilled when we found Mikelart in Italy! Not only are the ballet poses correct, this handmade jewelry is stunning and made of beautiful metals. Allegro is proud to be Mikelart's very first retailer in the USA! 


About Mikelart

MIKELART is worn by prestigious international "Etoiles" and by the world’s largest classical ballet companies. MIKELART offers unique and exclusive masterworks handmade in Italy, with rigid quality controls on the finished products, complete with a certificate of guarantee. The jewelry is the result of intimate knowledge of dance combined with the goldsmith's art, accurate to the finest detail. 

Min: $0 Max: $50

Dancer Jewel Neoclassico Silver

Take more chances, dance more dances.

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