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MakeUp Eraser

MakeUp Eraser

Why Allegro loves Makeup Eraser

This magical little towel is our new favorite performance essential. It removes waterproof makeup and mascara with only warm water, so you can head home easily after your performance without all that heavy stage makeup. Each cloth will last a thousand washes, so we're using both on stage and off! 


About Makeup Eraser

America's number one makeup remover. The Original MakeUp Eraser™ was founded in 2012 By Daniel & Elexsis McCarthy. The MakeUp Eraser™ is a revolutionary tool used by millions of women worldwide that is changing the world of beauty by making MakeUp so much easier to remove. This ultra-soft, woven polyester-blend cloth gets rid of tough makeup without leaving behind a residue—just a fresh, healthy feeling.


Min: $0 Max: $25

MakeUp Eraser

Wash the day off your face with ease. Fun patterns available!


MakeUp Eraser Mini PLUS

The perfect size for the on-the-go dancer.

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