Forever B.

Forever B.

Why Allegro loves Forever B

We specialize in pointe shoe fittings at Allegro, so when we found a brand that sold bags, accessories, and leggings covered in a pointe shoe print, we got excited. There were even jokes around our stores when we first got this brand in that the leggings they made had to become our new pointe fitter uniform. Their other bags are also on point (see what we did there?) - listing names and phrases that are meaningful to us as dancers. 


About Forever B

Attractive and trendy, ForeverB. is a new line made for young adults and all of those who have an eye for fashion and an unbridled passion for movement. The collection expresses life, art, passion and fashion through all of its products, from unique t-shirts to high tech accessories and from stationeries to the world of bags.

Min: $0 Max: $40

Pointe Shoe Pattern Duffle Bag

Dance is a passion, an addiction, a lifestyle, a discipline, an art.


Forever B Sport Bag

If you're not dancing something is wrong.