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Why Allegro loves FlexExpress

The FlexExpress is a great "beginner" foot stretcher. As with any other dance tool, great care should be taken when choosing and using your device, and you should always talk with your dance teacher first! This foot stretcher is comfortable and comes in fun, funky designs. Use this foot stretcher in combination with strengthening exercises and your normal dance classes to achieve more flexibility in your lovely dancing feet!


About FlexExpress

FlexExpress is a family owned business that developed out of the need for a more efficient, more comfortable, and safer way to get the results needed regarding foot position and strength, in order to reach a higher level of dance training and technique. Like most young dancers, our two daughters aspire to reach their maximum potential in every aspect of the art of dance, and the FlexExpress is a key tool that has consistantly helped improve their overall performances. FlexExpress designs and fabricates the FlexExpress arch and foot stretcher in Frisco, Texas, giving FlexExpress complete quality control of manufacturing from start to finish.

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FlexExpress Flex Express Foot Stretcher
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Flex Express Foot Stretcher

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