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El Petit Ballet

El Petit Ballet

Why Allegro loves El Petit Ballet

Allegro is proud to be El Petit Ballet's very first American customer. We had to flex our language skills, and order entirely in Spanish with this sweet, small company from Spain. They make beautiful gifts for dancers in several collections - some beautiful and vintage, others youthful and fun - but all with charming character. 


About El Petit Ballet

El Petit Ballet is a family business based in Spain, dedicated to making handmade decorated tutus for ballerinas, made with care and quality materials. For us, dance is more than movement. The tutu and ornaments for the dance are also pieces of art. All of the products we offer are intended to explain the story, reinforcing their efforts and preparation of dance.

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Calce Extra Long Socks Cavalier

Stylish socks for male dancers.

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