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Why Allegro loves Danztech

Danztech’s line of pointe accessories, designed with Gelastic gel, is incomparable. Their accessories are lightweight, providing great shock absorption and fit, like no other. Our pointe fitters love using their Skinny Dip toe pads with first time to professional pointe dancers!

About Danztech

DanzTech was founded in 1987 to design, develop, and provide the very best in impact absorbing toe padding. Injuries to the soft and connective tissues of the foot are all too common in the dance field and other athletic fields where the toes are exposed to impact injury and soft tissue trauma. It is DanzTech's ongoing goal to be the world leader in providing state-of-the-art impact protection padding for the toes and foot care products.

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Danztech Toesavers SkinnyDips
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Toesavers SkinnyDips

More colors available.


Toe Savers Toe Jamz

Multiple colors available.


ToeSavers Cocoons

More colors available.

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