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Dance Gallery

Dance Gallery

Why Allegro loves Dance Gallery

Allegro is proud to be Dance Gallery's very first American customer! We found these dance bags and accessories in Italy and knew we had to bring them back for our US customers. They make dance bags that actually look like real bags, but with an artistic dance print on them. Each one is a little work of art and will make you dream of hopping on a plane to Italy!


About Dance Gallery

Neoromantic and trendy, Dance Gallery by Ritmo di Vita is a collection of fashion accessories designed by the talented Venetian illustrator and designer, Ornella Mastrogiovanni who, with her illustrations, has created a fashion line to interpret positive emotions and the joy for living.

Min: $0 Max: $55

Shopper Bag

Happiness is finding the perfect dance bag.

Dance Gallery Dance Gallery Clutch Purse
Sold out

Dance Gallery Clutch Purse

More colors available.


Pocket Mirror

Be the fairest of them all.

Dance Gallery Dance Gallery Pochette Purse
Sold out

Dance Gallery Pochette Purse

More colors available.

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