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Covet Dance

Covet Dance

Why Allegro loves Covet Dance

Everyone needs a brand that just “gets” them. When we got our first line of Covet items at Allegro and we saw the “I Can’t, I Have Dance,” shirts and water bottles, we knew this would be our brand! Covet’s amazing line of streetwear, accessories, & gifts subtly and not-so-subtly reference our favorite inside dance jokes and phrases, while pairing them with some of our favorite pop-culture icons. #winning

About Covet Dance

Design first, dance later. Or is it dance first, design later? It's tough to keep track here at Covet Dance where both of these actions intermingle all day. Covet Dance started off with just one fun dance tank sold at a local studio's Master Class and has developed into an entire brand of the most coveted dance lifestyle products out there today (see what we did there?). Though our clever shirts and products may seem lighthearted, a lot of thought and design go into each and every one. The staff at Covet Dance boils over with creativity. We have designers who are also photographers and dancers who double as designers. The whole product development process is ruled over by Graphic Designer, Tap Dancer, and Dance Mom, Sharene Lewis Santos who infuses her dance education with twenty-five years of design and marketing knowledge into every item produced. 

Min: $0 Max: $45

Dancer Problems Kit

I got 99 problems, but dancing ain't one!


Dancer Foot Care Kit

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.


Dance Apothecary Set: Aprés Dance Kit

The perfect prescription for tired, aching feet.


Covet Thy Feet: Sugarplum Barre Balm

A sweet treat for your sore feet.


Dancing Through the Snow Sweatshirt a one-horse open SLAY.


Leaping Reindeer Unisex Tee

Channel your inner flying reindeer.

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