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Why Allegro loves Capezio

Every dancer, young and old, knows Capezio. That's because Capezio is one of the oldest dancewear brands in the world. They make just about everything. Because Allegro specializes in pointe shoes and pointe shoe fittings, we especially love Capezio for their line of pointe accessories called Bunheads. 


About Capezio

Capezio was born over a century ago in 1887 when Italian émigré Salvatore Capezio opened a small theatrical shoe repair shop a stone’s throw away from New York’s old Metropolitan Opera House. By the 1930s, Capezio had become a family operation whose footwear was featured on the stages of Broadway. Moving into the 1950s, Capezio shoes had gained sufficient notoriety to prompt major department stores like Lord & Taylor and Neiman Marcus to purchase them and Vogue to feature them on their cover. Today, Capezio is the foremost name in dance. With well over a century of quality craftsmanship, Capezio is the brand of choice for athletes and performers, the world over. 

Min: $0 Max: $85

Rainbow Lambs Wool

Wool you like to dance?


Stitch Kit - Pro Pink

Sew, what's your pointe?


Canvas Juliet II

Available online or in either Allegro location.

$24.99 $21.24

Adult Body Tights

More colors available.


Aria Pointe Shoe

Available online or at Allegro Barrington.

$85.00 $72.25

Cambré Broad Toe

Available online or at Allegro Barrington.

$85.00 $72.25

Jr. Tyette

$28.99 $24.64

ClearStretch Tips

Take the woes away from your toes.


4 oz. Rock Rosin

May the fourth be with you.


Knot Keepers

Could you knot?


Toe Tantra

Spread and free your toes.

Capezio Aria, Extra Strong
Sold out

Aria, Extra Strong

Available in-store at Allegro Evanston.

$85.00 $72.25

2.5" Hairpins

More colors available.


Pointe Shoe Elastic

Keep calm and dance on.


Jet Glue

Isn't it weird how glue doesn't stick to the container it's in?


2" Hairpins

More colors available.


Hanami Canvas Pirouette

Available online or in either Allegro location.

$21.99 $18.69

12 oz. Rock Rosin

Don't ever be too shy to dance.


Space Pack

Dancing is dreaming with your feet.


Ouch Pouch Jr.

More colors available.

Capezio Footundeez
Sold out


More colors available.

$24.00 $20.40
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