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Ballet Papier

Ballet Papier

Why Allegro loves Ballet Papier

Allegro Dance Boutique is the first, and only retailer in the USA to sell this beautiful European brand of gifts for dancers. Allegro's owner, Victoria, met Ballet Papier owners Ambar and Maria while in Italy and fell in love with this charming brand immediately. Their designs are all original, full of love and passion and are, even better still, accurate in ballet positioning, culture, and history. To top it off and make this brand even more lovable, owners Maria and Ambar, now living in Spain, are a mother-daughter team!


About Ballet Papier

Ballet Papier started in 1992 when artist and painter Maria Berenice La Placa began drawing ballerinas for her daughter Ambar, who is now a professional dancer. Ambar’s friends wanted to decorate their rooms with the designs too, and the brand was born! Currently, Bernice and Ambar combine their talents and creativity to design every product. All designs begin as a sketch carefully outlined by artist Bernice and are then reviewed by Ambar, who checks the position of the body, style, and expression, to ensure they accurately represent the character being depicted. 

Min: $0 Max: $35
Ballet Papier Meet Me at the Barre! Cropped T-Shirt
Sold out

Meet Me at the Barre! Cropped T-Shirt

Here to say I'm ready to slay at ballet ALL DAY.


Ballet Student Dance Equations A4 Notebook

(Relevé + Passé) x Force ÷ Spotting = Pirouette.


Ballet Student "Ballet Journal" A4 Notebook

A great gift for ballet students & teachers alike.


Ballet Étoiles Aurora A4 Notebook

The perfect Sweet-16 gift (minus the finger-pricking & 100 year sleep...).


Ballet Student "Ballet Girl" A4 Notebook

Who run the world? Ballet girls!


Rainbow Unicorn Square Spiral Notebook

A notebook as unique as you!


Ballet Étoiles Kitri A4 Notebook

A FAN-tastic journal or notebook for dance.


Ballet Étoiles Esmeralda A4 Notebook

Dancing Queen, feel the beat from the tambourine.


Ballet Étoiles Coppelia A4 Notebook

A great gift for the ballet dancer in your life.


Happy Birthday! Ballerina & Presents Card

Say "Happy Birthday" the ballet way!


Ballet Student "Ballet Girl" A5 Spiral Notebook

Ballet girls are made of pointe shoes & tights and everything nice.


Ballet Student "At the Barre!" A4 Notebook

Raise the barre on your #dancegoals.


Kitri Love Spiral Notebook

A note-taking experience that will make you say "Olé!"


Ballet Boys "Skill, Balance, Force" Square Spiral Notebook

Dance gives you everything you need to succeed!


Ballet Student "Live Life en Dehors" A5 Spiral Notebook

"Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself." --Charlie Chaplin


Giselle Forever Spiral Notebook

Don't take a "Willi"-nilly approach to dance--get organized!


Lilac Fairy Spiral Notebook

Don't let anyone (cara)boss(e) you around.


Ballerina & Unicorn Square Spiral Notebook

Pas de Cheval? Pas de Licorne! (Step of the horse? Step of the unicorn!)

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