Ballet Foot Stretch

Ballet Foot Stretch

Why Allegro loves Ballet Foot Stretch

This beautiful device is a serious training tool for serious dancers. All dancers yearn for beautiful feet, and for those of us not born with natural arches, we have to find other ways to make the best of what we have! When used safely and under supervision, and in conjunction with your normal dance training and strengthening exercises, the foot stretcher can actually create noticeable differences in the flexibility of your feet. Be sure to check with your dance teacher or medical professional before beginning a routine with a foot stretcher!

About Ballet Foot Stretch

David Campo, a former soloist with the Royal Ballet of Flanders, invented the first-ever foot stretcher as a way to help his students improve their feet. Wanting to do better than the old methods of foot stretching - dancers putting and pushing their feet under the sofa or in almost any corner of the ballet studio just so that they could further improve their feet - it became clear that dancers needed a safe and effective way to work on foot flexibility and strength. After several years of endless trials and tests, the original foot stretcher was born. 


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Dynamo Foot Stretcher

Arches so high, physics can only handle one pointed foot at a time.