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YAGP Survival Sale - Pointe Shoes

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YAGP Survival Sale - Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes: you need them, we sell them. This November, have we got the deal for you! Take advantage our "buy more, save more" sale to get up to 20% off pointe shoes!

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of our biggest deal in pointe shoes! Now through November 21, the more you buy, the more you save! In store and online.* Find our pointe shoe offering here. Don't see your shoe on our website? Call one of our boutiques and we will special order it for you! 


Buy 1-2 pair of pointe shoes, receive 10% off

Buy 3-4 pair of pointe shoes, receive 15% off

Buy 5 pair of pointe shoes, receive 20% off (The best deal…its like getting a free shoe!)



We know 5 pairs of pointe shoes may seem like a lot for one dancer, which is why we’ve got the top 5 reasons why a dancer needs 5 pairs of pointe shoes!


  1. Pointe shoes only last about 15 hours of class time. This, of course, is just for traditional paste shoes, but it is true! Pointe shoes are made of materials that break down when you sweat and work in them, so all of those extra rehearsals and private lessons you’re doing to prepare for winter performances and competition season really take their toll on your most important tool!
  2. Alternating between two different pairs of shoes actually makes each pair last longer. We know it may seem like you could just wear one pair after the other and they would each die in the normal amount of time, but if you alternate pairs of shoes, you’re actually giving them time to completely dry out before wearing them again. This allows the shoes to fully “recover” between uses and extends the life of each pair.
  3. You (or your teacher/choreographer/coach) is going to want you in a new pair of shoes for performing. There’s nothing worse than not having a reliable pair of shoes to get you through a performance. Old shoes can die at any moment and you want to be sure you’re feeling ready and confident on stage. Most judges will also be looking at your feet for proper use and alignment when competing. Dead shoes can make feet look sickled and inarticulate. They also don’t provide proper support, so it is likely that you’ll be compensating elsewhere in your technique to accomplish more challenging sections of choreography.
  4. Shoes go on back order. Because pointe shoes are handmade, it is easy for shoes to fall on back order and become extremely hard to find. We know you’ve spent forever looking for your perfect shoe, so making sure you’ve got an extra pair as back up is never a bad idea!
  5. Different types of training and choreography require different shoes sometimes. It is common for dancers to have a stronger shoe for classwork and a softer shoe for performing, to enhance the look of their foot. Sometimes dancers require different shoes depending on the intensity of the choreography. For example, when performing a variation with hops on pointe, a shoe with a higher vamp or stronger box can be ideal for proper support. Occasionally, a dancer just cannot decide between two styles of shoes, so this is also a great opportunity to help in deciding which shoe is best!





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