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YAGP Survival Sale - Makeup

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YAGP Survival Sale - Makeup

Competition season is upon us. Whether you're headed to YAGP or any other competition in the coming months, you deserve the best products to support you during this busy season. You need make up that will last for hours, under stage lights and sweat. That's why you need Kryolan Professional Makeup. This long-wear makeup line, designed with the performer in mind, will be on sale in store and online now through November 21.

We know you have many choices in makeup brands. Take advantage of our sale happening now-November 21 to see why Allegro loves Kryolan. See our offering of Kryolan products here.


When makeup is sold everywhere, what makes Kryolan, the brand sold at Allegro stand out? 

At Kryolan, they make make-up, but not like anybody else. Because unlike everybody else, they actually make their make-up. If you've been looking for a professional-grade makeup that can withstand the sweat, stage lights, long hours and you care about what you put on and in your body, then we've got the makeup for you. Here are the top five reasons why we love Kryolan:

  1. The quality of the pigments is professional grade, not a consumer grade. Colors might are richer and denser than we're used to, which is a beautiful thing for stage!
  2. Although they are originally located in Europe, they have a manufacturing facility in CA and many of the products we specifically carry are produced and manufactured in the USA. They are also family owned and operated!
  3. Eyeshadow is blush and blush is eyeshadow! You'll notice our blush color is labeled as "eyeshadow." This is because it is safe to use around mucous membranes (sorry we had to use that phrase!), so it is safe to use almost anywhere on your body.
  4. One of the best parts about Kryolan is that most of their products are universal. The Aquacolor and eyeshadows that we carry can be blended with water and then together to make the perfect shade!
  5. They are leaders in the industry. The Joffrey Ballet, as well as the Syfy show 'Face Off' are just two examples of very different companies that use the line!

Photo: LymanDVM Photography Dancer: Francesca from balletMet wearing Laureline by Ballet Rosa


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