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Banish Those Blisters!

Banish Those Blisters!

No matter what kind of dancing you do, we've all dealt with the pain of blisters. At Allegro, we've mastered the art of blister healing and preventing. Here are our team's top tips on preventing those unwanted, unnecessary and painful blisters!


  1. Gaynor Minden Dancers' Dots and Toe Wrap - these are two small, but powerful products when used separately or together! Made from amazing hydrogel, Dancers’ Dots are almost entirely water but durable enough to withstand your longest days. Cool, soothing Dancers’ Dots reduce irritation, help protect against blisters, and relieve pressure on sensitive areas. Gaynor's cushy toe wrap is your next-level toe tape. Stretchy Microfoam toe tape protects and cushions, allows complete freedom of movement, and peels off with no sticky residue. So soft and light it’s almost fluffy! (also great to use in lieu of band-aids, since they don't stay on sweaty feet!)
  2. Lambswool - not just for pointe any more! Because it is a natural material, lambswool is great for sweaty feet because it doesn't encourage bacteria growth. Lambswool can be worn in any kind of shoe and helps create a protective barrier around already blistered or blister-prone areas. Ahhh, a classic!
  3. Heel Grippers - there's nothing worse than a heel blister. Stop them before they even happen with these flexible heel grippers from Gaynor Minden. You can put these in the back of any shoe that might be a different shape than your heel, a little stretched out, or in case you have narrow heels. 
  4. Jelly Toes typically thought of as a pointe accessories, these little accessories are just are an elasticized fabric tube lined with a thin gel strip, and can be used in any shoe! These 3 inch jelly tubes can be cut to size and placed over any toe. Jelly toes reduce the pressure that cause corns and blisters. They're great because they're reusable!
  5. Pinky Padagain, many of us know and love the Pinky Pad as a pointe accessory, but if that's the only time you're using it, you're missing out! The Pinky Pad is meant to be worn on any of the smaller toes. They are made from a supple polymer gel and help provide relief from corns and blisters. You can often catch members of the Allegro team with these on daily!
  6. Toe Savers Blister Aid PackThe Blister Aid Pack is a must have for every dancer.Kit includes: 8 small blister pads, 4 large blister pads, 4 small oval pads, 2 large oval pads and 5 yards of Coban wrap. Innovative pads are made to protect and cushion your blister prone areas. Blister Aid Pads are made from Gelastic, a hypoallergenic gel that contains medical grade mineral oil to soothe and protect. ToeSavers Blister Aid Pads can be washed, powdered, and reused.  


What are your must-have products or go-to methods for treating blisters?


**All blister products are available online or in store at either Allegro location!



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