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Spiky Balls

Spiky Balls Ever see a dancer using a spiky ball on her feet, glutes or back? Ever wonder what the heck she's doing? This post is all about those beautiful, spiky, magical tools and what you should do with them! Read on for more information...

Foot Stretchers: To Use or Not To Use?

Foot Stretchers: To Use or Not To Use? No matter what genre of dance you do, we at Allegro know how important beautifully bendy, flexible feet are to you (okay, Tap Dancers, we hear you...this one might not be for you). We all work for that elusive "banana foot" and drool over ballerina feet on Instagram. It is true that foot stretchers are among our most popular tools both in store and online, as well as sighted in every dancer's bag, however, because we believe in knowing and understanding how our bodies work, we think it is super important to educate yourself on these tools as well. Keep calm and read (and stretch) on.

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape If you watched the Olympics at all this year, there's no doubt you saw all the patterns of colored tape on the athletes. This powerful tool helps athletes (like dancers) stay active through injury and recovery! Here's Allegro's quick start guide for Kinesiology Tape (KT Tape for short), with how to use it and the most common dancer injuries for which it can be used.

How to use a Turn Board

How to use a Turn Board Have you ever had a dreamt that you started a pirouette, and before you knew it, you rotated 8 times, and then landed perfectly? With turn boards, those dreams can become a reality! Turn boards have less friction than your feet or dance shoes, making it easier to turn on the ground. When using a turn board, you can practice turns in parallel or turned out position. Additionally, turn boards help dancers work on finding and strengthening his or her center of balance. At Allegro, we carry the Improve Dance pirouetteMASTER! Here's what makes the pirouetteMASTER unique...

How to Use a Balance Board

How to Use a Balance Board Any dancer who has ever done physical therapy for an injury is probably familiar with the balance board. These tools are great for finding your center, strengthening your stabilizers (no more wiggly or rolled in supporting leg; yay!) and important to help you develop healthy movement patterns for your body. Do you know the best way to use a balance board? Read on for Allegro's favorite balance board exercises!

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