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Pack Your Bag For Back To Class

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Pack Your Bag For Back To Class

Your summer training has come to an end, but Fall Semester classes are just around the bend! 

You've learned a lot, you made new friends, perhaps you've even advanced a level! Your hard work has paid off! Sounds to me like you deserve a new dance bag!

Starting the new school year is a great time to get new shoes, and grab that new color leotard for your dress code, but let's not forget about replacing your other dance essentials


Top Ten Items to Have in Your Dance Bag

  1. To fill your dance bag with all your new class necessities, you will first need... A NEW DANCE BAG! Allegro's got you covered with the most amazing bags. Ever so stylish Sol and Selene dance bags come with multiple mesh lined pockets, perfect for stashing toe pads so they don't get stinky, and maybe some SKUNKIES to further assuage any odor.
  2.  An extra pair, or two or four, of TIGHTS. You know you're not doing laundry everyday, so let's keep it fresh.
  3. You may be going straight from school to dance class, putting your hair in a bun while your mom drives. Don't leave the house without your bun ninja tools! HAIR TIES, BOBBY PINS, HAIRNETS. Check out our new FRENCHIES- flocked bobbby pins that stay in place no matter how many chaînés turns you do!
  4. Designate a DANCE NOTEBOOK to writing down all your corrections so you can remember what to work on.
  5. Ah, the beloved pointe shoe accessories. They make it so much less painful to dance "effortlessly" en pointe. You can thank us later for stocking LAMBSWOOL and TOEWRAP for your diy dancer bandaids. And it's the perfect time to replace your MESH BAG, and grab a new STITCH KIT for pointe shoe sewing. Have you yet been introduced to the POINTE SHOE SCRAPER? It's great for a non-slip grip on the floor. We've also got JETGLUE for extending the life of your shoes! And of course, don't forget to pick up some new TOE PADS. New year, new you, am I right?
  6. Stand out at that upcoming Nutcracker audition with KRYOLAN professional stage makeup. Keep everything from getting lost at the bottom of your bag with a little organization and a couple MAKEUP BAGS.
  7. You'll definitely need to hydrate! Don't forget your WATER BOTTLE.
  9. All this dancing again is going to require some extra stretching. We've got the tools for that. From THERABANDS and a FOOT STRETCHER. This will be the year of the full split and amazing arches. Come on in and try 'em out!
  10. Massage those tired muscles at the end of the day with THE STICK and a FOOTSIE ROLLER.


At the end of the day, you're the one who has to put in all the hard work. Allegro's got your back with all your back to class needs, making it easier for you to stay focused and dance full out! Stop in to the store and let us help you get to that next level!



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