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Top 5 Reasons Why Allegro Loves Bloch

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Top 5 Reasons Why Allegro Loves Bloch

No one can deny that Bloch is among a favorite brand here at Allegro. Read on to discover why...

Allegro's top 5 reasons to LOVE Bloch:


  1. STRETCH POINTE SHOES! Guys, come on. They're pointe shoes that stretch. You know what that means? No more unsightly heel fabric, sewing down the sides of your shoes, or having to buy two different size shoes if you're feet are slightly different sizes ( of hands if that's you. Oh, wait...everyone raised their hands? #thoughtso). In all seriousness, these shoes are amazing and we want YOU to see and feel the difference for yourself. schedule your fitting for the Eurostretch, Dramatic II and Elegance, online now!
  2. Amazing Jazz Shoes - If you haven't tried the Pulse Jazz shoe, you must come to our Barrington store and give it a spin (literally! It's suede outer sole makes turning a breeze!). We also have a classic--the Neoflex--in our Evanston store, as well as the dance-team favorite, Super Jazz, in Barrington. 
  3. Classic Black Leotards - No one can deny the subtle beauty of a classic princess seam leotard. Don't believe us? Try the Mirella Princess Seam leotard and we guarantee you'll be a fan forever. 
  4. Rosin Spray - This might seem inconsequential, but if you've ever competed or performed in a space that does not allow traditional rock rosin, you'll appreciate how necessary Bloch's Rosin Spray actually is. 
  5. Tap Shoes for every dancer - Bloch's Tap Flex slip on tap shoe is Aly, our Director of Operations', favorite tap shoe. She's been wearing them for the last 15 years and wouldn't recommend anything else. Comfort, full ability to pointe your feet and lots of support are some of her favorite features. Not into the slip on scene? Not to worry; Bloch has beginner through professional tap shoes and you can try different styles at each of our locations! 


Want to find the reason YOU love Bloch? Buy a Bloch product of your own, or visit either Allegro location!




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