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Megan Wefel



Megan Wefel

A&A Ballet

Favorite dancewear manufacturer?

I love everything I find in Allegro, especially Russian Pointe!

Must have item for dance classes?

My tennis ball, golf ball and other rollers.

What’s in your dance bag?

Russian Pointe strength bands, perfect fit toepads, pointe shoes, flat shoes, rollers, toe tape, kt tape, bullet pointe skirts, trashbag shorts, warm up booties, leg warmers, foot spray, biofreeze, and a snack!

Favorite style of dance?

Ballet and Contemporary Fusion

Recommendation for product?

Foot Stretcher!

Do you have any performance/backstage rituals/superstitions?

I always listen to music before a performance.

Favorite Dancer/Choreographer of all time?

Marianela Núñez

Interest outside of dance?


Min: $0 Max: $65

Josephine Adult Lace Cap Sleeve Leotard

Elegant, luxurious, feminine.


Ripstop Pants

More colors available.


Foam Roller

More colors available.

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