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Lauren Alving



Lauren Alving

The Academy of Dance Arts

Favorite dancewear manufacturer?

Yumiko, eleve, bulletpoint

Must have item for dance classes?

A lacrosse ball for rolling out my muscles

What’s in your dance bag?

In my pointe shoe bag I obviously have pointe shoes, as well as lambs wool and ballet flats. In my main dance bag I have Zarley tights, 1-2 bullet point skirts, a leotard , exercise balls for rolling out, stretch bands, second skin squares, Nexcare waterproof tape, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit with different dance related items, RockTape, hair pins, chapstick, and trail mix.

Favorite style of dance?

Classical ballet.

Reccomendation of Product?

Bullet pointe skirts fit perfectly and come in amazing colors, Suffolk Balance board - I use it in the morning while I get ready for school, Zarley tights for their unique design that offers additional support and protection for ankles and knees, PointePeople for their pointe shoe paint which is simple and can match anyone’s skin tone.

Do you have any performance/backstage rituals/superstitions?

I like to focus on my breathing and review my teachers corrections in my head.

Favorite Dancer/Choreographer of all time?

Lucia Lacarra or Frankie Hayward

Interest outside of dance?

I enjoy school and bullet journaling.

Min: $0 Max: $45

Balance Board

Ronde de jambé en l'air, like you just don't care.


Noëlle Wrap Skirt

Dance like mist on the Lac des Cygnes.

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