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Isabella Shaker

Joffrey Academy in Chicago

Favorite dancewear manufacturer?

My favorite dancewear manufacturer is Ballet Rosa. They provide a variety of items and their leotards are my favorite!

Must have item for dance classes?

Definitely hair pins.

What’s in your dance bag?

My dance bag includes an extra leotard and tights, a tennis ball to roll out my muscles, theraband, ballet skirts, black jazz/contemporary shorts, character skirt, hair pins, ballet shoes, jazz shoes, contemporary socks, character shoes, and pointe shoes in a mesh bag.

Favorite style of dance?

As much as I love character and contemporary, ballet will always be my favorite style.

Recommendation for product?

I recommend the Frenchie hair pins that are sold at Allegro. They hold my hair in the best.

Do you have any performance/backstage rituals/superstitions?

While I’m backstage or if I’m nervous before a performance, I always jump up and down a few times to feel warm and awake. Next, I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths before I step on to the stage. I also try to remind myself of the character I’m trying to play right before I enter.

Favorite Dancer/Choreographer of all time?

My favorite dancers and role models are my mom and my older sister, who both danced with ABT. Another favorite ballerina of mine is Marianela Núñez of The Royal Ballet.

Interest outside of dance?

Aside from dancing, I like to read, spend time with my family, and hang out with friends.

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