Grace Phillips Shirley - Allegro Dance Boutique

Grace Phillips Shirley



Grace Phillips Shirley

SLO Movement Arts Center

Favorite dancewear manufacturer?

Ballet Rosa

Must have item for dance classes?


What’s in your dance bag?

I am a minimalist so I re-pack my dance bag every day depending on what classes I have

Favorite style of dance?

Contemporary Ballet

Recommendation for product?

I love Pointe Peoples pointe paint to make my shoes pop for photos.

Do you have any performance/backstage rituals/superstitions?

I have this clear plastic craft box that has several dividers in it that I have made into my "snack box". I fill it with choclate, dried fruit, nuts, and jerky. This way I can snack through out a long rehearsal/performance day and keep my energy up.

Favorite Dancer/Choreographer of all time?

Too many to choose from and so many different styles! This is a very hard question because I appreciate so many!

Interest outside of dance?

I love going to the beach!

Min: $0 Max: $65

Josephine Adult Lace Cap Sleeve Leotard

Elegant, luxurious, feminine.


Ripstop Pants

More colors available.


StikIt 2 Me Body Glue

Because sometimes a "sticky situation" is exactly what you need...


Footsie Roller

Roll with it.

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