Anna Lund - Allegro Dance Boutique

Anna Lund



Anna Lund

Chicago Ballet Conservatory

Favorite dancewear manufacturer?

LuckyLeo for leotards! :D

Must have item for dance classes?

Stretching materials are a must have!

What’s in your dance bag?

In my dance bag I have a water bottle, stretching materials, Notebook, warm ups, ballet flats and pointe shoes, and extra hair supplies.

Favorite style of dance?

Definitley Ballet

Recommendation for product?

I think having a unique allegro line of leotards would be so cool :)

Do you have any performance/backstage rituals/superstitions?

. I always warm up throughly before a performance, and I like to lay on my back with my feet up against a wall and close my eyes while listening to my music and visualizing.

Interest outside of dance?

I love being in nature, spending time with friends, listening to music, reading and of course drinking coffee.

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