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Min: $0 Max: $200


A footstretcher & massage tool all-in-one!


Dancer Problems Kit

I got 99 problems, but dancing ain't one!


Nude Gel Knee Pads by Bunheads

Exactly what you "knee-d" for modern/contemporary.


Turn Out Board

When in doubt, turn it out.


FLX Flexistretcher

Get your FLX on.


TPE Resistance Band

Find the resistance right for you!


Posture Reminder

"A good stance & posture reflect a proper state of mind." --Morihei Ueshiba


SuperiorArch® Foot Stretcher

A superior way to stretch your feet.


Balance Board

Ronde de jambé en l'air, like you just don't care.


Dancer Foot Care Kit

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.


THE-footstretcher™ Lit

A portable footstretcher for the dancer on the go!


Sweet Feet Spray

Keep stinky feet at bay with this refreshing foot spray.


Dance Apothecary Set: Aprés Dance Kit

The perfect prescription for tired, aching feet.


Foam Roller

More colors available.


Covet Thy Feet: Sugarplum Barre Balm

A sweet treat for your sore feet.


SuperiorBand® Green

It won't get easier. You'll get better.


Massage Kit by ADS

You're KNOT going to believe what this massage kit can do for you...


Toe Tantra

Spread and free your toes.


Pillows for Pointes Hip Alignment Belt

You hips don't lie (Shakira, Shakira).

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