Holiday - Allegro Dance Boutique


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Clara Nutcracker Squad Hoodie

Keep your Nutcracker fashion "en pointe" this holiday season.


Nutcracker Squad Hoodie

Warm & Comfy = #SquadGoals

Motionwear Clara Nutcracker Squad Tank
Sold out

Clara Nutcracker Squad Tank

Step up your squad's fashion this Nutcracker season.


"Was It All A Dream?" Nutcracker Hoodie

Dance like a dream this Nutcracker season.


"Was It All A Dream?" Nutcracker Tank

Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?


Dance Your Heart Out Ballerina Music Box

A delightful jewelry box for your delightful dancer.


Nutcracker Black Tea (4 oz. Tin)

Brew a delicious cup of holiday cheer.


Nutcracker Squad Tank

Rock your Nutcracker rehearsals this holiday season.


Born to Dance Soy Candle

A scent that's as clean & crisp as your technique.


Dance to the Music in Your Heart Ballerina Music Box

The perfect gift for the dancer you treasure in your heart.

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