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Dancer Problems Kit

I got 99 problems, but dancing ain't one!


"Was It All A Dream?" Nutcracker Hoodie

Dance like a dream this Nutcracker season.

$39.99 $33.99

Candy Cane Pointe Shoe Ornament

A festive addition to your Christmas tree.


"Was It All A Dream?" Nutcracker Tank

Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?


SuperiorArch® Foot Stretcher

A superior way to stretch your feet.


Calce Extra Long Socks Black Swan

Black Swan x White Knee-High Socks.


Nutcracker Squad Tank

Rock your Nutcracker rehearsals this holiday season.


Dancer Foot Care Kit

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.


Calce Extra Long Socks White Swan

White Swan x Black Knee-High Socks.


Calce La Sylphide Calf-length Socks

Available in Mauve, Seagreen, and Blue.


Dancing Through the Snow Sweatshirt a one-horse open SLAY.

$42.00 $35.70

Performance Socks

More colors available.


Calce Extra Long Socks Cavalier

Stylish socks for male dancers.


Calce Calf-length Socks White Swan

White Swan, Black Socks.


Ballet Student Dance Equations A4 Notebook

(Relevé + Passé) x Force ÷ Spotting = Pirouette.


MakeUp Eraser

Wash the day off your face with ease. Fun patterns available!


Calce Extra Long Socks Love Ballet

Love ballet AND socks? We got you!

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