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group fitting events

Going up en pointe for the first time is big deal. Our group pointe fitting events are the perfect way to recognize this milestone and get properly fitted in a manner that’s fun, memorable, and informative.

Who: Our group fitting parties are meant for 6-15 dancers and are best for those going on pointe for the first time.

(Returning pointe students from the same studio are invited to join the first timers, as long as the maximum number of students does not exceed 18.)

What: Along with her new pair of pointe shoes, students can expect:

  • A group workshop on shoe care, with hands-on examples of worn shoes to demonstrate the pointe shoe lifecycle
  • A “Words of Pointe Shoe Wisdom” information packet to take home
  • Information and instruction on pointe shoe sewing techniques
  • A pointe shoe quiz (just for fun!) on pointe shoe anatomy
  • A certificate of achievement for going up en pointe
  • An array of goodies and sparkling cider (plus wine for the adults!)
  • A discount on all non-pointe shoe related merchandise

When: Before or after regular store hours, so it’s a private affair just for your students, parents, and teachers.

Where: Fitting events are held at our beautiful boutique, featuring a sprung hardwood dance floor throughout and several portable barres just for pointe fittings.

How: Please have a representative from your studio (teacher, owner, or parent) contact us to set up an event for your studio. Book in advance and lock in your date! Large fitting events MUST be scheduled in advance so we have adequate time to schedule extra staff.

Email: shop@allegrodanceboutique.com