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Lehman School of Performing Arts

About Lehman School of Dance
Established 1976
Owner/Director LaVerne Lehman
Location 301 Happ Rd. Northfield, IL 60093
Phone (847) 446-6424
Website www.lehmanschool.com
E-mail lehmanschool@sbcglobal.net
Facebook Lehman School of Dance
Ages Taught 3 years to adult
Awards & Recognition Students are recognized at the annual recital for individual years of study, as well as for school or other achievements.
Classes offered
Ballet Pointe
Jazz Tap
Ballroom Modern
Hip Hop
* Plus Summer Performing Arts Camps that include Musical Theatre, Music,  Drama, Dance & Choreography classes!

Lehman Philosophy

The role of the arts in our lives is a MOST important one.
All things come and go: governments, fashions, all living things; but ideas and their expression remain. Performing Art is special because it is a living and active expression. We learn by practice and in the arts,  when we practice and grow, we can achieve a sense of our being and have the ability to express our spirit/soul.

We each develop differently. We like to see our students as individual flowers: each beautiful, but “blossoming” in his/her own time. In our current society, our imaginations are often not used as they once were, and, sometimes, an individual and his/her achievements can get “lost”. That is only one of the many reasons it’s so very important to give this opportunity to your children, as well as to yourself.

For proper development of mind and body there is nothing better for anyone than dance. It teaches so many skills that, literally, volumes have been written about it. It improves all mind/body functions, builds confidence and self-esteem, all the while teaching the disciplines we need all through life.

Other than love, there is no greater gift you can give to your children than to allow DANCE, MUSIC, and THEATRE to become integral parts of their lives.