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Group Pointe Events at Allegro

img_20161028_120524We love doing events at Allegro! After hours events give us the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with groups of excited and dedicated pointe dancers, which we really enjoy. During these events, dancers get fit by one of our professional pointe fitters, with the opportunity to try on a large variety of pointe shoe brands and styles. It is very important to us to find the right fit for every dancer.


Dancers who attended after hours events also participate in an educational workshop. We offer two different workshops- one for new pointe dancers and one for experienced pointe dancers. Our workshop for new pointe dancers includes topics such as: sewing, accessories, pointe shoe anatomy, the lifetime of pointe shoes, and more! The workshop for experienced pointe dancers includes topics such as: jet glueing, darning, varying sewing techniques, ¾ shanking, and more! These workshops can also be crafted around the interests and preferences of each group of dancers.

Event participants also enjoy refreshments and extra discounts on non-pointe related items! Allegro wants to celebrate your hard work!
To schedule your group pointe fitting event, call our Barrington store (847) 277-1009 or Evanston store (847) 733-8460 or email our Pointe Specialist, Alexa: alexa@allegrodanceboutique.com!



It’s time to get back into your Fall dance classes, and you may be asking yourself whether you need a new pair of pointe shoes. Sometimes it can be hard to tell, especially if it’s your first pair or a new style for you. Here are some facts and tips to help you decide when it’s time to get your next pair!

Pointe shoes typically last for 12-15 hours en pointe.

Your first pair will probably last the longest. There are a lot of factors that affect the lifetime of pointe shoes, including but not limited to: foot strength/flexibility, specific choreography, shoe care, break-in process, floor surface, and storage temperature.

You know that it’s time for new shoes if:

  1. Your foot has grown or changed to affect the fit
  2. The shank has become very soft
  3. The box/wings have become very soft
  4. You no longer feel stable or supported
  5. You feel new or increased pain

If you notice any of the above about your current pair of pointe shoes, it’s time for a new pair! Dancing on dead pointe shoes can increase risk of injury and discomfort. Call Allegro today to schedule your next pointe fitting:

Allegro Evanston
(847) 733-8460

Allegro Barrington
(847) 277-1009

If your shoes look like this, they're dead. Do not try to dance in them, call Allegro immediately.

If your shoes look like this, they’re dead. Do not try to dance in them, call Allegro immediately.


Tights Bogo

Our annual tights sale is back!

Buy one pair of tights, get another pair 50% OFF, now through September 10, 2017.


Pack Your Bag For Back To Class

August 16, 2017 products

  Your summer training has come to an end, but Fall Semester classes are just around the bend!  You’ve learned a lot, you made new friends, perhaps you’ve even advanced a level! Your hard work has paid off! Sounds to me like you deserve a new dance bag! Starting the new school year is a great […]

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Allegro Pop-Up Shop at Joffrey!

July 20, 2017 events

We had the BEST time creating an Allegro Pop-Up Shop in the Joffrey studios during their summer intensives! We displayed some of our favorite, most sought after dance products, and the dancers swooped in like chirping bluebirds, eager to peruse our in-studio store. There were many happy dancers leaving with some of our most stylish leotards […]

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Inaside Chicago Dance Summer Intensive Raffle 2017

June 22, 2017 community

We can’t decide which is our favorite part of Sidewalk Sale: the crazy discounts on the cute leotards, shoes, and everything else, or the opportunities to win amazing prizes with a cool Chicago dance company. We are thrilled to be able to yet again award lucky dancers a FULL SCHOLARSHIP or PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP to the 2017 Inaside […]

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Evanston Sidewalk Sale 2017

June 22, 2017 community

Our summer sidewalk sale is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! We love Central Street in the summertime and Sidewalk Sale time is even better! Incredible discounts, food, live music and more! Come have fun, hang out with us outside, participate in exciting raffles, and enjoy HUGE discounts on apparel, shoes and tights! Our sidewalk sale is […]

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