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What’s In My Dance Bag

by Maxine Patronik

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There are certain objects in my dance bag that I don’t think I could live, well dance, without. Here’s what I usually carry in my dance bag. What is in your bag you couldn’t do without? Leave a comment below to share!

Dance Bag

  1. The Stick I discovered this wonderful muscle massager a few years ago, and I have to say, it has helped me tremendously. I used to have the tightest calves, to the point where they would cramp up doing simple tendus and relevés. After discovering this, I used it religiously before and after class, and still do! Find more information about how to use it here.
  2. Bloch Zeniths: After trying many different brands of ballet shoes, these are by far my favorite. They fit my feet like a glove, and are not at all bulky. Any pair of shoes that make your feet feel this good are phenomenal in my book!
  3. Pointe Shoes: I currently wear Gaynor Minden’s, and after trying everything from Grishko’s to Bloch’s, I find that those work the best for my feet. I use the original Ouch Pouch pads for my toes.
  4. Socks: I don’t think I could warm up properly without a good pair of socks, especially during winter months. My feet are always a top priority in dance! The socks pictured above are from SmartWool.
  5. Leotard: I always wear a leotard for ballet class. I may change my outfit to a tank top and shorts if I’m taking a more contemporary class, like jazz or modern, but a leotard is a necessity for me in ballet. Of course it’s always fun to wear whatever color you want, but plain black is always a classic.
  6. Snacks and Water: Bananas are one of my favorite quick snacks for in between classes, and potassium is a plus for my muscles! Water is essential for anyone’s bag; I don’t think I could even get through barre without it!
  7. Theraband: This is perfect for warming up my feet before ballet. I always notice difference depending on whether I do my exercises or not. You can use a Theraband to strengthen almost any muscle. Look here for step-by-step instructions for using one to strengthen your feet!
  8. Ipod and Headphones: Music is a must for warming up-it helps get me focused before class and performances.
  9. Tights or Booty Shorts: I do prefer wearing shorts for class, especially in the summer, but extra tights are always a good thing to carry with you, especially if they have a tendency to get runs in them.
  10. Arnica Gel: I use this anywhere I have pain or soreness. It is a homeopathic, natural product that I have always relied on!


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