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Demi Pointe Shoes

by the allegro team

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By popular demand, we’ve very recently introduced demi pointe shoes to our growing Evanston pointe shoe collection! What is a demi pointe shoe you ask? It’s a pointe shoe with a softer box and softer wings (top and sides of the shoe) and no shank (the hard part of the shoe in between the inner and outer sole that hugs and supports the arch of the foot). Demi pointe shoes are NOT intended for use en pointe away from the barre (standing on the tips of the toes); rather the dancer will remain in demi pointe (standing on the balls of her feet) in releve. Many teachers utilize this type of shoe for beginners, especially for those students enrolled in a “pre-pointe” class or a “pointe prep” class. Since the shoe isn’t as hard as a “regular” pointe shoe (there are many varying degrees of a regular shoe), it can help to strengthen and prepare the foot in preparation for actual pointe class.

We currently carry the Grishko Elite demi pointe shoe and will be adding more soon!

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