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New Pointe Shoe Arrivals: Bloch European Balance and Gaynor Minden

by the allegro team

in new products

Our pointe shoe family has expanded! We’ve recently added the Bloch European Balance and Gaynor Minden shoes to our current collection at our Evanston boutique.

In just a very short time, the European Balance has already proven to be a “go-to” shoe for us during recent fittings. With it’s contoured and flexible shank, the shoe hugs the foot nicely and a provides a slight arch enhancement right out of the gate. The platform is nice and broad, and to fill you in on a little secret, it’s also slightly inclined so that the dancer is pushed forward onto it ever so slightly. We never like to say that there are such things as “beginner shoes”, but this particular Bloch style can be a nice choice for some first-timers for all of the reasons above.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Gaynors are a go-to shoe for many students and professionals. We’re excited to have recently added Gaynor Minden to our pointe shoe offerings, fully realizing that these revolutionary shoes are great for certain dancers but not for others. Unlike most other pointe shoes that are made from materials like glue-hardened canvas and burlap (check out our previous post about Suffolk), Gaynors are created with an unbreakable “elastomeric resin” that is extremely sturdy and resistant to breaking down. A Gaynor is said to last 3-5 times longer than most other pointe shoes due to this resin, though remaining light and flexible all the while. The support and alignment that these shoes provide can show dramatic, improved results with some dancers! As we do realize that these shoes aren’t for everyone, we also realize that they can be somewhat controversial among teachers as well. We prefer to fit Gaynors on those students that already have a strong understanding of personal alignment and strength, so that the shoes aren’t relied upon to do all of the work. Weigh in with a comment below! What is your personal opinion on Gaynors?

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Louise Taitz June 15, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Unfortunatly there are few experts in fitting pointe shoes in the suburbs and I send my dancers to Russian Pointe in city.
Would like the dancers to try something else besides Russian pointe
I have 2 dancers with very small feet , street shoe size 2 and 4.
Do you have a range of shoes for them ?
Thank you

the allegro team June 27, 2012 at 7:12 pm

Hello Louise! Agreed! It’s difficult to find a place with great fitters – anywhere in the country. We pride ourselves on our fittings here, as well as on our selection of shoes. We carry Russian Pointe as well as several other brands and would be excited to help your daughters find new shoes. Your daughter who wears a size 4 will have no problem. Almost every brand and style should be available in that size. The selection may be a bit more limited for your daughter that wears a size 2, but we do have shoes we could try on her too! Feel free to call the Evanston boutique to make an appointment: 847-733-8460 or schedule a fitting online.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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