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Product recommendation: bath soaks!

by the allegro team

in new products

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Occasionally at our Evanston store, I notice a really great product that has just escaped the notice of most of our customers. I always think to myself, “Why aren’t more people checking these out? They’re so great!” So without further adieu, here is my Favorite but Unfortunately Overlooked Product of the month!

This month’s FUOP is a soak (think an epsom salt, but with more herbal ingredients and a little fizz for fun) by Jane. This stuff is awesome to add to your bath to rejuvenate your muscles! It’s a worthwhile investment for any dancer who needs to give their body a little extra TLC – especially pointe dancers and their feet! Trust me, as a dancer who is getting older (almost 30… yikes), taking a little extra care of your body when you are young has huge benefits for your health and fitness later on – I definitely wish I had taken better care of my feet when I was younger.

We have 4 different varieties here at Allegro: Muscle Ache, Breathe, Sleep, and Energy. We also have a few other spa-related products by Jane, including terry cloth spa booties, eye pillows, and shower mist (try the eucalyptus!).
So seriously folks, check this stuff out! Great birthday gift idea, I’m just sayin’…


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