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The Guide to Audition Success

by the allegro team

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It’s time for auditions everyone! Are you ready? From my experience, there are a couple of things about auditions and getting ready for auditions that you should know about.

The first thing on the list: pictures. Most auditions require that you bring “dance photographs”, but these may not be the easiest things to provide if you’re not sure what you need. The 3 basic photos are a headshot, a first arabesque photo and a tendu photo. (Usually, if a program wants a very specific position that’s uncommon, it is well posted on their website or audition form.) Auditioners want to see good clean technique in these pictures, but since they have to look at photo after photo, they also want to see your personality shine through!  Both ballet and modern auditions most often require a black leotard for photos, so since there are so many black leotards out there, pick one that’s really “you.” I would also suggest placing a flower in your hair or adding a small little something to your attire to make your photo just a bit more memorable. If the program you’re auditioning for does not have specific requirements, pick a leotard that is flattering and perhaps unique in it’s color or design.

Before you run to the studio to quickly take these photos, ask a teacher to help tweak your positions to make sure your photos are as amazing as you are. If you need even more assistance, Allegro is here to help! Our regular photo shoot events are a great way to get those perfect audition photos, plus some fun shots for yourself and your family. Our entire staff is thoroughly trained in dance technique and will be there to help you look your best in your photos!

The next thing on the list: actually taking the audition. As far as appearance, I suggest wearing what you wore in your photos. This will help the auditioners recognize and remember who you are, especially as they look back through the photos when the audition is done. As far as how you conduct yourself during the audition, know that auditioners are looking for dancers that will be a good fit for their program. Listen to how they teach the class and observe specific technique mannerisms that they show while teaching. Be aware of these mannerisms, but still try to let your personality show through in your dancing. Be confident in your dancing as well! I have always found that when something feels awkward, we as dancers tend to make the movement smaller; the truth is, it ends up looking more awkward. Even if you feel uncomfortable, make the movement big. You might be surprised at how good the movement looks with more energy. Lastly, if you get nervous taking auditions then here is my advice: Practice makes perfect. Take as many auditions as you can, because getting yourself used to all kinds of different audition processes will help you get ready for that audition that really matters to you.

My overall advice in the end? HAVE FUN! Auditioners want to see that you love what you are doing, so just dance and be yourself.

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