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Our December Teacher of the Month!

by the allegro team

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An interview with Pamela Sue Fox

Owner of Studio North Academy of the Performing Arts in Wilmette, IL

Just for fun quick facts on Pamela Sue Fox
Years of dance training? 32 and still training!
Years teaching dance? 16
Styles of dance studied?
Tap, musical theater, jazz, ballet, flamenco, ballroom & swing. Attended the University of Kentucky to study Opera & Theater, and the Cincinnati Conservatory to study Musical Theater
Favorite dance genre? Ballet
What styles do you teach now? Ballet, jazz, musical theater and tap
What body part do you love to stretch? Hamstrings
Pick one: Teach a smaller class or a larger class? Larger
Pick one: Fast movement or slow movement? Fast
Pick one: CDs or iPods? I use them both equally. The great thing about CD’s is that you can slow them down and speed them up, which is essential in tap.
Dance/teaching bag essentials? Music, a screwdriver for tap shoes, choreography and/or a syllabus and water.

Allegro Dance Boutique: If a student walks away having learned just one thing from you, what would you want that one thing to be?

Pamela Sue Fox: The joy of movement.

ADB: What is the biggest “no-no” for a student to do in your class?

PSF: Interrupting, not being dressed appropriately and not listening.

ADB: What type of music “moves” you?

PSF: I think it depends on the genre. I mean for ballet, which is obviously my favorite, a waltz will always get me excited. But, having been a club dj in my youth, house and techno drives me a lot.

ADB: Name a performance you have attended that took your breath away.

PSF: The guy that played Basilio in [the Joffrey Ballet’s recent production of] Don Quixote. He was amazing. He was doing all of the lifts one- handed, all of them. It was crazy. And his leaps. He did this double cabriole and I swear he was was in the air for 20 seconds!

ADB: Do you have a favorite age group to teach?

PSF: I really like the 9-13 year old age group. They’re very enthusiastic, funny and fun-loving, and so far, in my experience, they’ve been very focused.

ADB: How do you challenge your students mentally? Physically?

PSF: I have a saying: “Work to your full potential.” We start almost every class with that and every class they have to have a goal and something they’re going to focus on. I try to give them choreography that’s just a step beyond where they are and have them work into it.

ADB: If you weren’t teaching dance, what other field could you see yourself involved in?

PSF: I still perform as a singer a lot, I would like to do more of that. At some point in my life I would like to do cruise ship work.

ADB: Fill in the blank, mad libs- style: When I dance I feel  _______. PSF: Alive. ADB: Teaching is __________. PSF:  Everything to me. ADB: A good class is when____________ . PSF: I’m hot and sweaty after plies. ADB: My love for ___________ is almost as strong as my love for the performing arts! PSF: Cooking.

ADB: What do you most look forward to at recital time?

PSF: The performance quality that’s elicited from the students. Even in class, no matter how hard you try, there’s nothing like the magic of theater.

ADB: What is the best thing about owning SNAP?

PSF: The atmosphere is so friendly and happy and joyful. [A student was recently overheard saying] “It feels like home.”



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