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Allegro Gift Guide: Teens and Tweens

by the allegro team

in products

Help the teenagers in your life keep up with the latest in dance fashion trends.


Crystal Hair Comb1. Hair Combs, Pins & Clips

Decorate your bun (or any hair style) with a variety of sparkly hair adornments.  Whether for class or a special occasion, there’s a sparkly accessory to complement any girl’s fashion sense.

Priced from $4-$10

Red flower2. Flowers

Add a colorful flower to your hair or attach it to your clothing for a fun pop of color; these accessories come with attached clips, hair elastics and pins so that you can fasten them in a number of different ways!

Priced from $7-$9






Sassi Dance Bag

3. Dance Bags

Duffels, totes & more! Carry your dance shoes and dance clothing to and from class or use them as overnight bags. Incredibly fun, with so many styles and sizes to choose from!
Priced from $18-$34

Leg Warmers
4. Leg Warmers
It gets cold in the studios during the winter months! Don’t compromise your lines or your style with oversized apparel. Dress to impress with super cozy leg warmers by Body Wrappers and Harmonie (don’t forget form-fitting wrap sweaters and knit shorts too!)

Priced from $20-$44

Tiara5. Tiaras

Celebrate the princess within with these extravagant colors and beautiful designs. Who says you can’t wear a tiara everyday?

Priced from $5-$49

Dancer Christmas Ornament6. Ornaments

Spruce up your family’s Christmas Tree with a collectible that captures all of your memorable moments. We have something for everyone, from dancers and dance enthusiasts, to skaters and gymnasts.

Priced from $6-$12

Sweet Marcel Socks
7. Sweet Marcel SocksThese aren’t your ordinary knee socks! With such cute designs and fun, bright colors, they look awesome with skirts and dresses, even peeking out from under your jeans!

Priced from $18-$22

Textspeak Nail Files

8. “Texting” Nail Files

Take care of your fingernails and toenails while you brush up on your texting lingo – GR8!

Priced at $2

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